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Current press release from 21.11.2021:

Book launch / First book “Resteficker” – Erotic men’s reading with comedy factor

21.11.2022. With the debut work “Resteficker” the new publishing house TURBINE69 serves the genre of men’s reading in a humorously bizarre way. The author with the pseudonym Leonie Fotzlov takes male readers on a hefty journey of the erotic kind with often surprising twists – salvos of laughter are pre-programmed here. The entertainment reading is now available on Amazon in several book variants.

“Resteficker” is a collection of whimsical short stories with extraordinary wordplay. The author Leonie Fotzlov thereby caricatures the erotic cliché and provides in hefty expression again and again for unexpected subplots. The varied short stories offer the best male entertainment and are pointedly brought to the point with a good portion of black humor. The publishing house TURBINE69 calls the author “(…) the greatest talent in the German-speaking world in the field of comedy literature.” Her writing is “super funny, crass and no less entertaining.” Readers can thus expect an extremely entertaining bedtime snack with the debut work “Resteficker.”

For example, the short stories are about “the morning after an extremely hard party night,” with quite a few confusions arising in an easily comprehensible manner. The author tells in striking words of the beginning of a bizarre journey between Ballermann factor to the frozen-through ice princess in the snow drift of Braunau or partying at the “big reunion”. All the stories are male-compatible and spiced with friendly and no less quirky characters.

The debut work “Resteficker” aims directly at the fantasy imagination of men’s vacations and is thus just as ideally suited as travel reading for all those who want to party again at Ballermann, Goldstrand, in Lloret de Mar or on Ibiza. Likewise the book fits perfectly as man gift or to the literary company of bachelor parties, to the round birthday and further causes.

The debut publication “Resteficker” (ISBN 979-8363888113) was released on November 15, 2022 as a German language edition. The short story collection is available as an eBook and in print format with a length of 268 pages at a paperback price of €12.99 or as a hardback book for €19.99 on Amazon.

With “Resteficker” it concerns at the same time the debut work of the new publishing house TURBINE69 Publishing. Currently there are works by five authors in the publishing program. TURBINE69 is always on the lookout for new authors, especially since the still small publishing house has set itself the visionary agenda of revolutionizing the literary erotica world.

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