Leonie Fotzlov

To understand the thinking of Leonie and her approach to write such really fantastic-wacky short stories, one should, instead of the usual background lighting, let the preface of Resteficker speak for her at this point. This actually says everything about the wordplay and bizarreness of these stories.

Here the official preface of RESTEFICKER


This book is not for the faint hearted, nervous flutterers and pussies!

Political correctness is as absent here as a lack of pronounced sexism! Therefore, all those who tend in the former direction should please immediately throw this book far from them before they burn it, or set themselves on fire to wash themselves clean of this sin again!

All others, for whom Tucker Max is religion, who love horny, dirty fuck stories and enjoy life more crude: Welcome to my World of Madness!

There are always idiots everywhere. Meanwhile I am even convinced that 95% of the world’s population are mentally inferior to completely idiotic. If it goes to you also in such a way, then congratulations to the rubble tango in the verbal decadence! I take namely neither a sheet before the mouth, nor do I make with my mental excursions or in the real life any prisoners. I rather always hit directly in the face and stir with the finger exactly there in the wounds, where it really hurts…

On the following pages I will send you on the (hopefully first!) LSD trip of your life full of ups and downs, without you having to take anything for it! Cool, isn’t it? I promise you, it will be even more awesome than you think!

But caution is advised! Many, perhaps too many passages, are in the highest degree dirty, vulgar and not suitable for altar boys eyes! And you should imitate from the whole bullshit actions please also nothing! 😉

So if you already start red at the word FUCKING and/or swing the incense burner on Sunday mornings at 10 o’clock in the St. Blasius church around the corner, then do yourself and me the big favor and please put this book very quickly out of your hands for reasons of self-protection.

To all others I say: “FIRE FREE! Let’s fucking GO!!!”

And in case you’re wondering how it is that a woman can write such smut!!! At the very least, I’m going to make a hard assumption that you’ll think that at some point while reading “Leftover Fucker”? Yes, guilty as charged, because: I like to have sex – I like to talk about sex and, who would have thought it, I also like to write about it! Nevertheless, I have exaggerated a lot here extremely, because this is my way to tackle in a satirical way male, macho, patriarchal behavior smoothly to the pillory!

And why I have chosen the pseudonym “Fotzlov” (I hope now very much for you that you did not think that this is my real name!)? Quite simply: I claim to own the hottest cunt on Mother Earth and worship this idolatrously. And I also like to be spoiled by all the rules of art! And I do not care whether this happens through a male, a female or several of them together. Here I think selfishly only of me and my tender pussy.

Keep this with pleasure in the back of the head, because of course some situations in some stories are also autobiographical nature. But I do not betray of course, which…

But now have fun and best entertainment! In the following short stories you can dive into the crazy world of Nick, Gonzo, Mike, JayJay, Normi and many other companions of mine and experience funny, crass, sometimes extremely sick stories from their lives. For safety, including my own, I have changed all names. And of course some things are fictitious, but many of the events took place so or so similar actually…

So long!

Yours Leonie Fotzlov in November 2022

About the author:

Leonie Fotzlov was born in 1986 and is a real Berlin city kid. Despite her late birth for the Wave wave, she was nevertheless quite long active in the Gothic scene, to which she still keeps faith, but rather passively.


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Publication date: 15/11/2022
Pages: 268
Languages: Deutsch
Medium: eBook / Print
ISBN: 9798363888113
Leonie Fotzlov

Hello, my name is Leonie and I like to fuck! Do I have your full attention now? Good! Then take a seat, buckle up and get ready for a full rush of wacky, partly pretty dirty stories that life wrote so or so similar! You can expect completely crass & crazy short stories of a very special kind, as you have certainly never got in front of the shotgun! And the pace is fast! Formula 1? Shit against it! Therefore, […]

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